Alufer was founded in 1989 as a small family company which immediately placed itself on the market with a distinct and characteristic identity: to be a proactive partner for technical architectural design and the construction world, dealing in the most effective way in resolving requests relating to doors and windows even with the most demanding structural requirements.

Alufer is the number one specialist for steel and aluminium custom-made windows and doors, which are able to ensure thermal and acoustic performance and design excellence. This vocation has constantly been maintained and enhanced with resources and means oriented towards product quality and service; other areas have also been developed in parallel relating to the processing of aluminium, steel and stainless steel sheet metals destined for numerous applications in the construction and industry fields.

Research & Development

Alufer operates with its own engineering offer department, made up of a team of specialists ready to respond to customer needs and to provide both technical advice on the basis of the project and the best application solutions. This proactive approach also takes advantage of the network of qualified partnerships that Alufer has consolidated over time, the relations with research centres of leading technology providers in the field of windows and door frames, in particular in relation to seals and other technical elements which are actively involved in determining the thermal – acoustics and insulation qualities of the product.

Productive organization

The company is able to produce the products that constitute the range on offer directly and internally. In Alufer establishments the entire production process is planned and organized on a course designed to optimize the individual steps and the final result. The manufacturing process combines professionally qualified skills with the use of the most advanced systems for processing materials and various carpentry works; from cutting sheet metal up to final inspections before installation.