Alufer wishes to help the designer as an expert and co-operative partner who specializes in door and window frames and other structural elements made of steel, aluminium and stainless steel.
The consulting work allows the designer to get to know the developments of the sector’s technical and application research; to gain valuable guidelines in order to define specifications and cost estimates, to find out how to optimize structures and compositional forms in order to achieve the highest functional levels.

Design assistance

Alufer’s specialists can participate directly in the definition of the project, providing a targeted or complete support concerning windows and doors, curtain walls, steel or aluminium structural elements, or for carrying out important works of carpentry. The staff is able to cope with the demands of WM (works management) for the necessary permits to access the site.

On site assistance

Alufer’s technicians personally coordinate and manage the installation of the products, taking responsibility for each specific phase of the work. Professional and competent resources are employed from transport to final testing, safety standards are strictly enforced and the most modern machinery, dedicated specifically to the type of work which the Alufer yard workforce deals with, is employed.